RMI was founded in 2015 by multiple industrial construction professionals that each brought a unique talent to the newly formed company. RMI is a newer company, but certainly is not new to this industry. We were tired of the traditional business structure and struck out to create a better way to conduct business.

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Structural Concrete

Our attention to detail is second to none in our concrete production. We take an extreme amount of pride in what we do in every facet of construction.

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Underground Piping

We own our own equipment and self perform all of our excavation, industrial demolition, environmental concern projects and underground piping.

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Helical Pier Installation

Helical piles are ideal for the support of all types of projects from above ground pipe runs and pig catchers, to major facility components, such as compressors, tanks, pressure vessels, separators, pumps, foundations and well head units.

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Process Piping

Our piping and welding resume is ROBUST. Currently our weld rejection rate is .0018% from the thousands of welds we have performed on multiple size pipe projects.

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All specialty work that we perform is done by our own forces and we employ the industries top professionals to work for our customers.

Get rid of bloated corporate overhead, corporate red tape and eliminate non productive corporate positions (you know the type, they stay on for a paycheck but contribute nothing); instead we invest the money in highly skilled personnel.

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