Safety Culture

The safety and health of each employee is our highest value and our corporate commitment is the achievement of zero employee injury.

Since RMICS is a privately owned company, we value our employees as our most vital resource and asset. It is the safety philosophy that RMICS will not compromise the safety or health of its employees as a result of work place conditions, weather delays, or other operational considerations.

Safety is a vital part of our business and working environment and all activities that we participate in. We give every facet of job planning the consideration of safety and health as well as environmental considerations.

RMICS provides a safe workplace for all employees and we actively encourage the participation of our employees to ensure that the workplace is safe. We do this through employee participation in safety meetings, pre-job task analysis, inspections, observations and assisting in incident and near miss investigations.

Should incidents occur, they will be reported and investigated. We train and teach our employees to identify and eliminate hazards to decrease the opportunity of an injury occurring in the workplace.

RMI Safety Stats

2018 215,291 0.00 0.00
2017 105,491 0.00 0.00
2016 61,560 0.00 0.00
2018 26,980 0.00 0.00

Safety Procedures

At Rocky Mountain Industrial Construction Services, safety goes beyond simple compliance with
government agencies. It is a daily commitment that is shared by us as leaders, as management teams
and individuals. We think safety in all that we do. We accept zero compromise when it comes to keeping
our employees and customers safe and free from danger.

We work with our customers to build, maintain, and renew their facilities safely, so they can achieve
their goals in their perspective industry. Our only acceptable goal is zero incidents and zero injuries. We
maintain these safety standards by including:

Process Safety- We identify, assess and prevent hazards before the work begins.

Safety Programs and training – We have well defined safety training programs that minimize the risk
factors during the work process. We have a competent in-house safety team that includes master
trainers for both OSHA and MSHA governed projects.

Behavioral Safety – We inspire individuals to take responsibility for his or her safety as well as the safety
of others working around them. Every RMI employee knows that they have the authority to stop work
when they recognize a potential hazard, without fear of retribution. The safety of our employees and
clients are our number one priority.

RMI Safety Leadership Committee

We operate at over 50 client locations nationwide and our commitment to safety is unsurpassed in the industry. Our safety commitment is evidenced by the fact that our President and CEO Justin Alvey directly chairs and leads our safety council committee.

Our certified health and safety professionals provide programs, policies and training specific to individual project needs and requirements. We work together to evaluate potential risks before work begins and implement strategies to eliminate potential hazards. When working on a project, our safety professionals as well as each individual working for RMI continually monitor the work environment to identify and eliminate hazards and assure full regulatory compliance. RMI is highly experienced in industries regulated by OSHA and MSHA. We strive for excellence in each step of the project from beginning to end.

RMI is proactive when it comes to loss control. We identify issues before they occur by completing daily job site safety audits, as well as team safety meetings before beginning work each day on every RMI job site. RMI employees must pass a stringent drug and alcohol screening process that includes, pre-employment, random, post-accident and probable cause screening. RMI employees must pass a background check and complete annual safety training as well as site safety training.

Safety, Quality and Experience

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